The Three Party System

Part I: The Mercenaries
So three guys walk into a bar..

We started our session in Carroburg, a city of the Empire that’s a few days ride northwest of the capital city of Altdorf. Our heroes; Kolby Keese (Brett), Rune Ka (Kyle) and Harry Manwich (Dave) are members of the mercenary company known as the Whiteshields. The company has just completed one of their easier jobs. Hired to transport a couple of wagons of goods back to Carroburg they encountered almost no trouble. A day or so out from Carroburg some some bandits accosted them on the road, but after firing a few volleys of arrows at the wagons the bandits scurried away when the Whiteshields closed ranks and looked to counter attack.

While celebrating their job well done a bar fight breaks out, some rival mercs had a little too much to drink and when Harry Manwich accidentally spilled a beer on them things escalated quickly. The fight was over just as quickly though; as the Whiteshields chased their rivals off. While cleaning themselves up a messenger showed up from Harry Witte; the leader of the Whiteshields. He needed Kolby, his ledger books and a couple of the boys to meet him at the warehouse where the goods were delivered earlier that day; there was an issue with getting their pay. Kolby grabbed his books, Rune Ka (who grabbed his bear companion Mischa who’d been outside the bar), Harry Manwich and they headed off to meet their boss.

At the warehouse Harry Witte, who’d been conversing with a fat merchant, had a quick conference with Kolby; the client said they weren’t going to pay because something was missing. Kolby pointed out that he’d noticed a small cask of imported wine was missing when he was reviewing the books. They brought that up to the merchant who’d hired them a small old man followed by a large bodyguard came out of the shadows yelling. He said he wasn’t worried about a cask of wine. He then argued first with the merchant and then with Harry Witte yelling “where is it!” and “I must have it or they won’t be paid!”. Kolby began to check the books again to see if something else was missing but before he could find anything the old man drew a dagger he had hidden on his person and he slashed the fat merchant’s throat. That seemed to be a signal as figures came out of hiding all over the warehouse.

As they came into the light our heroes could see there were archers in the balcony above and swordsman on the floor all dressed in very odd half armor which Harry Manwich was able to discern marked them as followers of the chaos god Slaanesh. They quickly closed in our heroes. Seeing his companions outnumbered Kolby cast an obscuring fog to give his them cover and disable some of their foes. Shortly after that there was a crash and a roar from within the cloud. A large beast that looked suspiciously like the recently dead merchant came charging out of the fog wielding a beam that had been supporting part of the roof as a club. Then the cloud mysteriously cleared and where the old man had been standing now there stood a woman in highly detailed armor very much like the warriors who were guarding her. Dark magic seemed to be all around her. Things got bloody but in the end the Whiteshields prevailed. But the strange woman escaped out the back and the Whiteshields boss was injured. Also, with the support beam missing the roof eventually caved in causing a fire. Gathering up their wounded the Whiteshields headed back to the bar to assess what to do next.


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